Meet Dr. Ruben West

Who is Dr. Ruben West?

Dr. Ruben M. West

World Civility Ambassador

Dr. West has the unique ability to challenge audience members to take a personal inventory, think outside the box, and strive for new levels of excellence.

Dr. West has created international influence and received global recognition as a thought leader. Dr. West received the President's Lifetime Achievement Award (2016) from President Barack Obama; the Girma Wolde Giorgis (Former President of Ethiopia) Presidential Award (2018) for being a Human Conservationist (which is bringing out the best in others); and the Sydney Allicock (Vice President of Guyana) Global Humanitarian Award (2019).

Dr. West was recognized as the United States Civility Icon of the Year by iChange Nations™ at the World Civility Day celebration in Gary, Indiana. Dr. West was appointed Word Civility Ambassador and Universal Peace Ambassador. In 2021 Dr. West was awarded the International Humanitarian Medal by Amb. AbdullGhani Yahya Al-ebarh the President of the United Nations Social Council and nominee for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.

Dr. West is the author and co-author of 10+ books and a sought-after voice for transformation and advocacy for matters of civility. He holds a PhD and Master Degrees in Positive Neuro Psychology of The American Graduate University of Positive Psychology and a Bachelor Degree of Science in Criminal Justice of Washburn University.

Who is Dr. Ruben West?

Why is he the best suited candidate for championing Civility for Kenya?

First and foremost I have a true love and respect for Kenya. I love the people. When it comes to elections or candidates, I am neutral. I cannot vote.

The only vote I can cast is for the people. I don’t want to see a politician win their election and a lay person lose their life due to political violence.

Several years back I was appointed World Civility Ambassador as well as Universal Peace Ambassador. I was named 2019 USA Civility Icon of the Year. However, I realize it's not about what they call me, but rather what I was called to do. I believe this: I was called to do this work! CIVILITY FOR ALL!

I Change Nations | Ruben M. West Voice of Change Award

Dr. P.L.O Lumumba

Lawyer | Kenya.

Honoured for his persistent championing of civility in Africa.

Álvaro Arzú Escobar

Former President of Congress | Guatemala.

Honoured for his persistent championing of civility in S. America.

Denise Bucumi Nkurunziza

Former First Lady | Burundi.

Honoured for her persistent championing of civility in Africa.

Les Brown

Les Brown.

Honoured for his persistent championing of civility in the world.

Rukirabasaija Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, King Oyo

Reigning Omukama of Toro | Uganda.

Honoured for his persistent championing of civility in Africa.

Sydney Charles Allicock

Vice-President | Guyana.

Honoured for his persistent championing of civility in S.America.


Civility Campaign Book

This book has been authored by Dr. West and translated into Swahili!

Check out this site and press for Release dates.

Campaign Civility | Dr. Ruben West.


Ustaarabu Katika Kampeni. | Dkt. Ruben West


What is our short-term goal?

What we aim to achieve in the short term.

To increase the knowledge, benefits and use of civility practices during this election season. This will allow the public to focus on the issues and not political behaviors.

What is our long-term goal?

What we hope to achieve in the long run.

Have civility taught in schools and practiced as a Kenyan way of life. Have civility as a standard in government, business and family.

When people visit Kenya they should feel like they are treated special. They should also feel like Kenyans treat other Kenyans special.

Meet Dr. Ruben West

Check out what he's been up to

Dr. West Interacting with Kenya Students.

Children are the next generation of leaders.

  • It is never too early to learn civility.
  • Hatred is taught to us but so is civility.

Dr. West Inspiring Kenyan Youth.

Children are the next generation of leaders.

  • The Youth are not just leaders of tomorrow.
  • The are the leaders of today!

Dr. West Appreciating Kenya's Diverse Culture.

Children are the next generation of leaders.

  • Kenya has one of the most diverse cultures.
  • Diversity is not the root of division: intolerance is.

Dr. West Sampling Kenya's Wildlife Experience.

Children are the next generation of leaders.

  • Kenya has one of the richest wildlife Experience.
  • If the jungle has learnt civility, so can we.

Dr. West Interacting with Kenya's Diverse Business Communities.

Children are the next generation of leaders.

  • Civility is an economic pillar.
  • For there can be no development in uncivility.